Welcome to the official website of the company DALIX, Ltd.

The company DALIX,Ltd. was established in 1994. Owing to the company founder´s technical specialisation in motor vehicles construction, the company´s activities have been aimed at  the area of motor vehicles adaptation and equipment, focused especially on mobile cooling and independent heating.

Expanding its activities, the company has also been getting to  other areas, such as electric power industry, health care, state institutions, etc.

By gradual development and thanks to the economic results as well as  the company presentation not only in the home market, the co-operation with top world producers in this field has been established. We have become their official sale representatives in the home market.

And now more about trade in car fridges, special electronics and accessories...   

Our effort is to establish personal relationship with our customers and to aproach them offering the products and service of  the highest  level  and  sharing our experience of many years´ developing and producing car fridges “ made to measure“. After more than 15 years in the market,we decided to relocate to our own premises, where we could unite  all our activities and expand the offered service and products. Our new premises enable us  not only to show all our products, but also to provide our customers with all services connected with company´s activities. That´s why we would like to welcome you, the visitors, directly in our place. There you can see our goods on display, try them or listen to our advice and recommendation when choosing from more than 100 types of car fridges and  a wide range of car accessories. Specifications given by some producers  do not always correspond to reality therefore we have tested particular products. If you are interested, we can share the test results with you.

The online-shop  complements our activities for your convenient shopping. However, it is not our main line of business, you might not find there the whole range of our products. The goods in the e-shop can also be bought in the permanent store, which is situated on our premises.

If you buy a more expensive product, we recommend coming to our permanet store,where you get  detailed information about the functions, installation and correct use of the product.

We provide warranty and after-warranty service for all supplied goods. We can repair car fridges of all producers and  brand names.

For ways of delivery, guarantee and complaints see our  Terms and Conditions of Business.

Thank you for your time reading our webpage and wishing you a nice day